THA & members’ response to VAT policy enquiry: Highlighting ‘…current VAT regime [as] one of the biggest threats to the future of our built heritage’

logoInformed by members, including the IHBC, The Heritage Alliance (THA) has responded to the Treasury Committee’s VAT inquiry setting out concerns over the impact of VAT policy on the UK’s built heritage and suggesting how this could be mitigated.

THA writes:

The Alliance has, among other things, previously responded to the Office of Tax Simplification’s call for evidence on this issue and has responded to the EU’s consultation on VAT simplification

The current VAT regime is one of the biggest threats to the future of our built heritage and the industries that it supports such as tourism. Repair and maintenance is vital, yet the current system inadvertently incentivises the demolition of historic buildings which require significant maintenance work due to the 20% VAT tax burden compared to new construction which largely has a 0% VAT rating. The Heritage Alliance is a long-term proponent of VAT changes to benefit the UK’s heritage – we would welcome the opportunity to provide any further evidence the committee required.

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