IHBC ‘CPD boost’ on early learning, from DBW: Between the campus and the workplace – ‘Transition’ support and experiences for engineers

personDesigning Buildings Wiki (DBW) – host partner of the IHBC’s Conservation Wiki, and one of the most popular construction industry websites –has featured ‘transition’ learning support strategies from the engineering sector that may be of interest to early career members, trainers and educators etc., explored by Patrick Waterhouse, author of ‘Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers’.

Patrick Waterhouse writes:

A shock to graduate trainees when entering the workplace is the change in learning and the different learning styles that must be used. In universities the learning process is essentially driven by the syllabus and the lecturers with the students as relatively passive ‘receivers’ of information, broken down for them into digestible, term-sized chunks.

Contrast this with the workplace where there are few ‘teachers’. As a graduate you are expected to learn largely for yourself, to actively manage your own personal development by becoming a ‘seeker’ of information, either as and when it becomes available or by finding it.…

For the full post see DBW

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