IHBC’s fifth NewsBlog Branches Update: Explore Branch CPD events across the UK

IHBC Branches OS MapThis 5th issue of our IHBC Branches Update reviews local CPD opportunities – and much more – currently on offer from our Branches across the UK!

Members and non-members can browse IHBC Branch and partnering events ranging from the restoration of Manchester Town Hall to thatching in East Anglia, as well as our upcoming Annual School in Belfast, the major UK event for the period.

And for these and other CPD opportunities also don’t forget to check out the IHBC’s online Event Calendar.

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The IHBC’s new monthly Branch Update on proactive local voluntary activities and training events combines updates on the full range of IHBC Branch-related events across the UK as well as reports on and links to our Branch activities and reports.

All the Branches are encouraged to send feedback. Please discuss this during your next Branch meeting and follow up with Carla on what you think by emailing at support@ihbc.org.uk.

You can also share this NewsBlog with any colleagues interested in heritage but unfortunate enough not to be members of the IHBC, in case they might gain from the hard work of our uniquely proactive Branch network.  They might also be reminded that in many cases the free events are not necessarily free to non-members, and IHBC members usually get priority, so always be sure to check out the details with the lead Branch.


June 2018

14 June
North West Branch – Manchester Town Hall CPD
6-7pm, Manchester

A joint event with the RTPI. A talk on the restoration and refurbishment of this Grade I listed building, led by the architects for the project, Purcell.

Further details to be circulated, but register your interest with klu.wray@hotmail.co.uk

15 June
South East Branch- An afternoon with Dr Charles Mynors

Dr Mynors has written extensively on the law in relation to the historic environment.

This afternoon will look at the issue of the extent of listing, covering:

  • How to determine curtilage
  • What is the curtilage of a building
  • The Wednesbury tests of reasonableness

There will also be an opportunity for questions from the floor.

Further details and BOOKING

21-23 June
IHBC Annual School 2018, Northern Ireland Branch
Belfast 21-23 June: Our shared Heritage – communication | negotiation | transformation

Booking is still open for the IHBC’s Annual School and for this 2018 edition it will focus on the principle of ‘Shared heritage’ to promote an inclusive approach to the main themes of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, namely  ‘Engagement – Sustainability – Protection – Innovation’ BOOK NOW.

The School will encompass and offer, through talks, visits, tours, networking and presentations, UK-wide examinations of practice issues with a specific Belfast and Northern Ireland context, that include:

  • Heritage challenges and insights
  • Networking: Leading practitioners, policymakers, businesses & advisers
  • New national and international practices and partnerships
  • Innovative strategies in the city, region and beyond
  • On-site case studies, themes and solutions: *Communicating values *Contested heritage *Shared spaces
  • Up to c.20 hours Continuing Professional Development
  • Exhibition stalls and stands & IHBC ‘Spotlights’

Bursaries are still available!

To book just follow the School’s homepage links or go direct:

NewsBlog links:

For all and more on the IHBC’s 2018 Belfast School see belfast2018.ihbc.org.uk

Watch the introduction of the IHBC Annual School 2018, Belfast on the IHBC YouTube channel

For updates on the School, members can sign up to the twice weekly NewsBlog alerts – our primary platform for news and information. It’s free to non-members for a 6 months’ trial and you can ‘unsubscribe’ at any time.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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August 2018

23 August
East Anglia Branch – Thatching Day
Venue: How Hill, Norfolk

A workshop and seminar day mixing talks and hands-on experience of working with thatch. Details to follow. Contact Amanda Rix Amanda.rix1@btinternet.com


If you want to find out more about CPD events, talks, workshops, conferences and many more happening across the UK and beyond, visit our Events Calendar on the main IHBC website.


The branch held a meeting on 4 June to discuss planning, events and a brainstorming session on the next Branch Conference that will be held in London in October.

North West
The NW Branch Blog has full details of branch’s 2018 events and Twitter feed.

The Branch is also organising their next Annual Conference that will be held in October in the NW Region.

The Branch held a meeting on 4 June in York to discuss general matters and planning of future CPD and training events.

Looking for Professional Volunteering?
If you would like to get involved with Branch activities and help organise and deliver CPD events, please get in touch on the relevant Branches webpage and select the Branch you are interested in.

If you want to include any Branch event or news in the next edition get in touch with Carla Pianese at support@ihbc.org.uk

Interested in upgrading your IHBC accreditation to Full Membership?
To help you along the way come along to see your MATE (Membership Application Training Event) session. The purpose of the seminar is to help demystify the process. You will have the opportunity to talk with full members about your application and hear about how to approach the process.

Any queries or for booking please get in touch with Kate Kendall at lets@ihbc.org.uk

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