IHBC welcomes National Parks UK celebrat?ion of historic environments on ‘European Day of Parks’: 24 May

landscape plus buildingThe IHBC has welcomed National Parks UK’s celebration of  historic environments on ‘European Day of Parks’ with its new ‘Special landscapes shaped by people’ publication, due May 24.

image St Benets Abbey © Christopher Hill

National Parks UK writes:

National Parks might be some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the United Kingdom, but many don’t realise that they are also significant cultural landscapes that have been shaped by the people who have lived, visited and worked in them over thousands of years.

They exhibit some of the most impressive historical evidence of the UK’s past; boasting fifteen percent of all designated heritage assets including ancient stone circles, historic quarries and impressive castles to name just a handful. Not only do these discoveries provide us with a fuller picture of the rich past of England, Scotland and Wales, they also create jobs, volunteering opportunities, cultural experiences for visitors and help connect residents to the history of their local landscapes.

To celebrate the sheer diversity and quality of the historic environment in these precious landscapes, National Parks UK is using the joint celebrations of European Day of Parks and European Year of Cultural Heritage to launch a new ‘Special landscapes shaped by people’ publication May 24. The jointly produced infographic highlights just how impressive the National Parks’ collective cultural offering is and explains how the various Authorities are looking after and preserving historic landscapes for future generations to experience and enjoy.

For more information, you can download the leaflet here or visit the National Parks UK historic environments webpage.

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