IHBC Marsh Awards winners for 2018: Rewards & more at the IHBC’s 2018 School – Belfast 21-23 June

The judges of the third year of the IHBC Marsh Awards have met and carefully assessed the submissions in line with advertised criteria, and are delighted to announce the 2018 IHBC Marsh Award winners in its two categories:

  • ‘Successful Learning’ – Amy Ward, stonemason and conservator for Mono Masonry, and
  • ‘Community Contribution’ (Retired Member) – Jane Grenville, for her student ‘Planning Club’ with the University of York.

Cash prizes are awarded by the Marsh Christian Trust, while the offer of free places at the 2018 Annual School in Belfast is sponsored by the IHBC.

IHBC President and awards co-judge David McDonald said: ‘It has been a real privilege to have been a judge again for this third year of the IHBC Marsh Awards.  Not only have I been able to appreciate the work of a number of the unsung heroes of building conservation – which always makes the final decision really hard – but it has also been an extremely positive experience working with the Marsh Christian Trust and we hope that we can continue to make a positive impact on the recognition of extraordinary people working in our precious historic environment.’

Brian Marsh, inspiration and behind the Marsh Awards, said: ‘We are pleased to be able to work with IHBC once again to deliver these Awards, recognising those who have dedicated a lifetime to heritage conservation and those who are dedicated to heritage learning and development. The quality and range of nominations was very impressive, showcasing high level technical work and also grassroots contributions to heritage conservation and learning. We hope that we can continue to raise the profile of this important sector through these Awards in years to come’.

Carla Pianese, IHBC`s Support Officer said: ‘We were pleased to see that the standard of nominations across both categories was extremely high and we hope that more and more nominations will be encouraged and promoted every year. We also offer a second opportunity for the unsuccessful candidate to be nominated again for a second round so that will offer another chance.  As the Awards are gaining more awareness, competition is fierce and the next IHBC Marsh Awards will close in February 2019, so be sure to start planning your nominations now! We strongly advise to look at the `How to nominate` section to make a successful case for the person you champion.’

Marsh Award for Successful Learning in Heritage Skills

IHBC Marsh winner learning
Amy Ward teaching the first year apprentices how to draw architectural mouldings

Amy Ward (£500 Award), has been working for Mono Masonry for 3 years as a stonemason and conservator, specialising in masonry skills and stone conservation.

`Amy`s experience in stone conservation bridges the gap between heritage conservation and stonemasonry, and she recently spent a week training two of our apprentices in draughtsmanship of traditional masonry mouldings. Amy truly is an integral part of our team and it has been fantastic to watch her grow and flourish over the past 3 years’.

Amy is also part-time student on the IHBC recognized course in Conservation Studies at the University of York.


Marsh Award for Community Contribution (Retired Member)


The student planning club in action

Jane Grenville (£500 Award), ‘her innovative contribution has been in setting up a student ‘Planning Club’ with University of York which scans the weekly planning lists to make a first sift of significant cases for comment. Jane’s Planning Club effectively links volunteer student community effort with positive planning for the historic environment’.

Both winners have the chance to attend the IHBC Full School (Residential) in Belfast, 21-23 June, themed on ‘Our Shared Heritage: Communication, Negotiation, Transformation’, and valued at up to £500.

The programme includes the IHBC’s Annual Dinner on Friday 22 June at Belfast City Hall where the formal presentations of these well-deserved awards will take place, along with the presentation of the Gus Astley Student Award 2017.

For more on the annual IHBC Marsh Awards for community contribution and successful learning see the IHBC Marsh Awards website and for background see the NewsBlogs.

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