IHBC’s CPD boost for all, via Conservation Wiki and DBW: Landscapes of Cambridge… from Context 151

house and gardenThe IHBC’s Context journal article by Graham Tite, on ‘Buildings, lawns, gardens, wilderness’, from Context No. 151, has been featured in the email news bulletin from Designing Buildings Wiki (DBW), to its 75000+ registered users, extending further the IHBC’s reach into the development and construction sector.

Westcott House Old Court Lawn (Photo: Westcotthouse, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Graham Tite writes:

Cambridge sets before us in a more compact grouping than in any other place in Britain the widest possible choice of buildings for their dates of origin, layouts, architectural styles and materials. The locations are at churches of all periods as well as the numerous college sites and those of the ancient university itself. Around the market at the city’s heart are remnants of early commerce, now mainly replaced with new structures put up to serve as a shopping hub for the region.

All of this can engage the viewer for decades. The meaning and the value of the spaces in between the buildings, most of them green in some way, have been illuminated by recent work on the history of one of the places of learning: Westcott House in Jesus Lane. This has led me to appreciate how Cambridge is to be understood for its landscapes….

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