Heritage audience insights update: Review of HE’s online advice and guidance

Report coverHistoric England (HE) commissioned research in 2017 into whether Historic England’s written advice and guidance provides the right information to the right audiences in the most effective way, with conclusions published in the Pye Tait report ‘Audience Insights: Review of Historic England’s Online Advice and Guidance’.

Historic England writes:

The multi-faceted methodology for this audience insight research comprised

  • a desk review of HE advice and guidance sources
  • 13 stakeholder interviews
  • an online survey of users and non-users of HE advice and guidance (423 responses)
  • 40 follow-up telephone interviews with a cross-section of survey respondents
  • two roundtable discussion forums.
  • All research took place between April and October 2017.

The final report includes recommendations about how Historic England can best meet the needs of its users in the future and the most appropriate formats/approaches for producing written advice and guidance. This research will inform decisions about future priorities and integration with other forms of capacity building.

For further information about this report please contact us at: guidance@HistoricEngland.org.uk

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