CMS Committee on ‘Impact of Brexit’ on the creative, tourism and digital industries

Parliament website Brexit image 031117The Culture Media and Sport (CMS) Select Committee has released its report on the potential impact of Brexit on the creative, tourism and digital industries, which notes that development of a new system of entry to the UK for European Economic Area(EEA) visitors will be a key aspect of the UK’s relationship with the EU after Brexit.

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Commons Select Committee on CMS writes:

Tourism, the creative industries, and the businesses that make up the digital economy form the backbone of the UK’s economy. Travel and tourism is the fourth largest industry in the UK, its contribution to the economy is ‘in excess of £130bn’, and the sector employs approximately 3 million people.1 Moreover, the British tourism industry is one of the largest in the world:

The purpose of this report is not to debate the benefits or otherwise of Brexit, but simply to highlight concerns and opportunities that must be addressed within the negotiations, and to identify risks that the Government must mitigate after March 2019. These risks, clearly, involve possible disinvestment, as businesses make contingencies to move parts of their business to bases within the European Union; threats to future investment in a UK outside the EU; and the potential impact, therefore, on employment. With Brexit yet to happen, however, these areas are very sensitive and companies are, understandably, wary of publicising any plans they may have. In this report, therefore, we focus our attention on three core areas where witnesses expressed particularly strong concerns: issues relating to the workforce, the potential loss of direct EU funding and the future regulatory environment.


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