IHBC’s new website for 2018: sharp design – improved access – enhanced security – familiar content! 

The IHBC has launched its new website, with a new look and enhanced interface to its 30,000+ pages, while asking users to let us know of any broken web links or if any support is needed.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘With each new iteration of our website we seem to engage a whole new reach and audience, while offering an even better service to our existing members and supporters.  I’m delighted to see this development and look forward to the new audiences coming to us in the new year.’

‘We also have an accessible site map to help users understand how to reach the diverse sources we offer our multi-disciplinary audiences and users.’

IHBC IT Consultant and resident web designer Peter Badcock said: ‘The governing standards and practices of the World Wide Web are constantly changing.  The new IHBC site has been developed to comply with the latest standards for clarity and accessibility of websites on the principle of ‘mobile first’, so that the site can be viewed on static or portable devices with equal clarity.’

‘With a clean and uncluttered layout and a new navigation it is easier to view and use on mobile devices. It was a huge undertaking with such a comprehensive site, so please feel free to check the site for any broken links and let me know.’

To let us know of broken links, or for any related queries, email Peter at it@ihbc.org.uk

See the site map

Visit our new site at www.ihbc.org.uk

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