IHBC welcomes DBW’s mobile-friendly web designs: Making Conservation Wiki even more accessible 

The IHBC’s partner host of our celebrated Conservation Wiki service, Designing Buildings Wiki (DBW) – the construction industry knowledge base – has made its website more mobile friendly with the launch of its new adaptive site. 

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘The key to our highly successful partnership with DBW is, like any, accessibility.  This web enhancement makes accessing the huge amount of data and resources on the Designing Buildings Wiki site – including our Conservation Wiki – much easier for users, especially as they rely increasingly on mobile platforms.’ 

Designing Buildings Wiki co-founder, Dr Gregor Harvie, said; ‘It’s important that we provide our users with the best possible experience. So if they are moving more and more onto mobile devices, we need to get mobile too. The new adaptive site makes Designing Buildings Wiki easier and more intuitive to use for everyone, whether they are sat at a desk working, looking for help when they are in a meeting, or searching for quick facts when they are on the move.’ 

DBW writes:

The way people use the internet is changing.

2017 was the first year that the number of web searches carried out on mobile devices exceeded those carried out on desktop and laptop computers. More and more people are browsing the web on small screens, often while they are on the move.

On 9 January 2018, in response to this change in demand, Designing Buildings Wiki launched a new adaptive site.

The adaptive site presents the same Designing Buildings Wiki information and functions, but in a format and layout that suits the size of screen people are using.  On a big screen, the site will look exactly as it did before, but on smaller screens, the font size increases, and the elements of the site stack one above the other, rather than side by side.  This makes text easier to read, and information easier to navigate, giving a better user experience for everyone.

Users don’t have to do anything to benefit from the update – the site automatically detects the device they on and adapts to suit it. All the functionality Designing Buildings Wiki that users have come to expect will continue to work whether they are looking at the smallest mobile phone, or a hi-resolution widescreen computer.

Read more on the DBW website

For background om IHBC’s mobile friendly developments see the Dec 2011 NewsBlog and Jan 2018 NewsBlog

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