IHBC welcomes England’s Heritage Counts 2017 – themed on ‘50 years of conservation areas’

Heritage Counts Report 2017The IHBC has welcomed the launch of Historic England’s (HE) Heritage Counts for 2017, which this year focuses on ‘50 years of conservation areas’.

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James Caird, IHBC Chair said: ‘Heritage Counts is always a great advocacy document for the heritage sector while the fact that it is produced annually means that it’s content is always pertinent.

‘We’re delighted to be able to contribute to it too, with formal assistance this year from Kathy Davies, IHBC Vice Chair, and David McDonald, President, as well as some of our own research and membership input, often supported directly by Historic England.’

IHBC President David McDonald said: ‘The 2017 Edition of Heritage Counts should be warmly welcomed by the sector. Having been a member of the Heritage Counts Steering Group along with IHBC Vice Chair Kathy Davies, I have been impressed by how much work has gone in to the production of this year’s edition.’

‘In particular, it provides some very positive statistics on the value of conservation areas. This is something that IHBC Members know, but it is reassuring that this appreciation is shared by the public at large.’

HE writes:

Heritage Counts 2017 focuses on 50 years of conservation areas. Conservation areas exist to preserve the special architectural and historic interest of a place – in other words, the features that make it unique. Every local authority in England has at least one conservation area and there are now over 10,000 in England

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