HE on ‘Heritage and the Economy’ now out, with new research: ‘Heritage Economic Impact Indicator Workbook 2017’

Heritage and the economy publication Sept 2017Historic England(HE) has published ‘Heritage and the Economy 2017’, summarising findings from studies on heritage and economic activity, while also introducing a new workbook tool, ‘Heritage Economic Impact Indicators 2017’, described as an ‘interactive workbook to empower users to extract meaningful data relating to the economic impacts of heritage in their selected region and to easily compare that data with other regions’.

HE writes:

The historic environment has a close connection to economic activity. A great many of our jobs and enterprises are dependent on, attracted to or based in historic buildings and spaces.

A document called Heritage and the Economy 2017 has been prepared as part of Heritage Counts 2016 by Historic England on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum together with the Heritage Economic Impact Indicator Workbook.

The Heritage Economic Impact Indicator Workbook 2017 is an interactive Excel-based workbook that estimates the national and regional economic impact of the heritage sector.

See Heritage and the Economy 2017

See Heritage Economic Impact Indicators 2017

In relation to heritage economy in the regions HE has also summarised the main findings from the workbook in a set of regional heritage economy documents.  DOWNLOAD the document.

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