IHBC members: HE wants your help to ‘Enrich the List’ and support all our heritage care and management

Historic England Enriching The List websiteThe Historic England (HE) ‘Enrich the list’ programme opens access to information sources that support the management and care of listed buildings and structures, and IHBC members are especially encouraged to share their knowledge and enhance care for our heritage by helping to ‘Enrich the list’.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Historic England’s ‘Enrich the List’ is an innovative approach to promoting participation in listing and related management processes, many of which can seem so distant from the priorities of the general public. This initiative offers a new way for anyone to supplement and enhance our understanding of heritage values.’

‘Through ‘Enrich the List’, everyone is encouraged to add their knowledge to the rich layers of interest that underpin the statutory listings.  This can help update the information and develop understanding of listed fabric, including in the context of future changes and pressures.’

‘Needless to say, IHBC members are perfectly placed – and ideally skilled – to enrich lists with their own knowledge in this way, while also helping care for our national heritage.  Indeed enriching the list with your knowledge may well be the easiest way to help manage and care for the heritage that you value most and know best.’

Historic England writes:

Historic England has listed almost 400,000 properties and places over the years, but with the list growing exponentially it’s difficult for Historic England to give each listing the detail it deserves. You can share photos (new or old), historical events and social history, architectural changes – anything you think will help create a better understanding and help share the stories of our heritage.

Find out more on the Historic England website

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