Cadw: Emergency interventions at Ruthin Castle

Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust websiteThe Welsh Government’s historic environment service, Cadw, has stepped in to undertake emergency stabilisation works at Ruthin Castle, before large parts of this significant historic site are lost.

Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust website

The Welsh Government writes:

The work is a holding measure to prevent further collapse of the Castle walls and the fascinating Victorian follies and tunnels built onto and within them until the recently formed Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust is able to develop an ambitious project for their large scale conservation and public access. Due to the fragile state of the ruins the work is all being undertaken by specialist rope access contractors who have cleared a huge amount of heavy vegetation from the walls, revealing this spectacular monument in its full glory for the first time in decades. Work has now begun pinning, propping, shoring and strapping the crumbling walls to stabilise as much masonry as possible.

The future of the 750 year old Castle, which is arguably the most significant medieval castle in Wales not to have been conserved, is now looking brighter. The Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust – which was created last year – is also now looking at taking over the lease of the ancient monument. The Trust’s mission is to encourage, engage and inspire the community of Ruthin and beyond to join together in supporting the restoration, and sustainable conservation of Ruthin Castle and its gardens, grounds and associated buildings, using its heritage qualities to create an historic educational, tourism and leisure environment.

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See a video on the project on the Trust’s website

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