IHBC Branches: Celebrate your retired members with a nomination for IHBC’s Marsh Award before 31 March: £500 and a Full School place for those contributing to the community

IHBC Marsh Award certificateThe IHBC’s Marsh Awards programme has entered its second year, and includes the celebration of retired IHBC members contributing to their community, with prizes of £500 and a free place at the IHBC’s Annual School (closing date 31 March 2017). 

It couldn’t be easier to nominate just visit the website for full details and complete the online form RETIRED

If you are not able to complete an online application, you can download an application form in either Word or PDF from the website

If you would like further guidance on your nomination please contact support@ihbc.org.uk.

For general background see the IHBC NewsBlogs 

Find out more about this year’s Marsh Award

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