‘Council+’ update: Another IHBC set piece for Christmas

council2016The IHBC has just concluded its 4th ‘Council+’ meeting, the institute’s recently created forum devised to extend national oversight and corporate development across a broader and more diverse constituency of members and volunteers.

Photo Carla Pianese, IHBC

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Our Council+ strategy is part of the wider exploration of our corporate governance and infrastructure – called IHBC+ – so we’re delighted there’s so much enthusiasm and interest in its progress.’

‘And we’ll be rejuvenating our LinkedIn Council+ Group in response to discussions at this meeting, so IHBC members and delegates can join in the wider updates and keep the guidance going.  So if you do want to get involved, just let us know and we’ll invite you on to the list, and maybe even help get you along to future meetings!’

Fiona Newton, lead on Council+ meetings and IHBC’s Operations Director, said: ‘With almost forty people attending (two of them by digital connections) Council+ this month met our aspirations of being a larger wider and more welcoming way to get involved with the IHBC.  It was especially good to see most Branches were able to allocate the maximum number of places – two – and build capacity and awareness of the IHBC across their local membership.’

‘The afternoon taster sessions of the IHBC committees were a series of mini-meetings offering a chance to discover the work of our committees and discuss real current issues they face.  The lively discussions led to genuinely useful suggestions in a relatively short time.’

Interim delegate responses to the experience include:

  • Council+ provides an insight into the workings of the IHBC and in particular provides valuable information on the role of the various Council members and individual groups. It also allows for a detailed understanding of the key challenges that the IHBC (and the conservation profession more widely) currently faces and how the organisation is looking to address these.
  • The mini-meetings were extremely informative, in particular through presenting the upcoming initiatives that the IHBC are looking to implement. It was also useful to have the members of the full council there which allowed delegates to ask ‘real’ questions to the relevant members, rather than simply working in a theoretical bubble.
  • Council+ is a very good initiative that offers excellent opportunities and insight into the workings of the IHBC

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