Thoughts on the IHBC’s NewsBlog posts? We’ve opened our NewsBlogs to comments, so you can post them direct to us!

NewsBlog banner 940 198The IHBC has now opened its celebrated NewsBlog service to user comments, so members and users can open, join and extend the discussions around our news items.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘In line with our wider plans to engage more directly with members and colleagues, we’re opening our NewsBlogs to comments and queries.  Hopefully you will find this a useful way to communicate across our membership.  Maybe even tis will encourage you to get more involved with our operations, as delegates as well as volunteers.’

‘Please also remember that this new service is being managed within our existing team, and is experimental, so suggestions are just as welcome as patience while we test and refine the procedures.’

‘And of course be sure to follow the same rules we have for our LinkedIn group, not least as improper use by an IHBC member, even if not published, will lay them open to disciplinary measures:

  • Comments are for the discussion of historic environment and related matters.
  • Comments are open to IHBC members and anyone else with an interest in heritage and conservation.
  • Product and commercial advertisements are not allowed. Products may be mentioned where they are relevant to the discussion taking place.
  • Job advertisements are not permitted. Your advert will be posted to IHBC Social Networks only when it has appeared on the IHBC Jobs etc website; for more details see

Now it’s over to you…

Access our NewsBlog Archive

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