IHBC update for trustees on Year 1 of ‘CP20’: our Corporate Plan for 2015-20

The IHBC is making available to members the National Office report to trustees on progress in delivering the current Corporate Plan, ‘CP20’, at the end of the first of its five-year life.

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘It’s important that members of the Institute are able to see the progress that is being made on their behalf. Our ARM (‘Action – Report – Monitor’) helps trustees deliver what we said we would in the Corporate Plan adopted at our AGM in 2015.’

‘It has been a challenging year with substantial changes in personnel, including staff and as well as volunteers, but I am delighted to see considerable success, including the appointment of our Support Officer, Carla Pianese and her invaluable work with IHBC Branches and events.’

‘One important focus in the coming year is to address delays in the planned measure of the IHBC’s impact on the sector, our ‘20-20 Survey’, which should be resolved in the coming months.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Of course the simple design and succinct summaries in the update is mostly about offering high-level oversight on progress on CP20 to trustees at their regular, two-monthly or so meetings.  So please do recognise the need for acronyms and brevity in these circumstances.’

‘If you really want to see what your institute is doing for you on the ground, all you need do is keep up to date on what’s happening through our NewsBlogs service.’

Download the Year 1 update on CP20

For the AGM adoption of CP20 see the NewsBlogs

For regular background and updates on progress see the IHBC’s NewsBlog service and sign up for a free membership taster, of 6 months of IHBC NewsBlogs

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