Film updates and more on IHBC co-sponsored Heritage Trust Network’s conference ‘No.1’: Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Projects

Heritage Trust Network conference imageThe Heritage Trust Network, successor to the UK Association of Preservation Trusts (UKAPT) – has launched reports and updates on its first conference on its event website, with presentations, film, photos and a warm thanks to sponsors that include the IHBC.

(Image: Bridget Turnbull, Cara Pianese, Sarah Mcleod (HTN) and Seán O’Reilly)

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘This evolution of the Heritage Trust Network from the UK Association of Preservation Trusts – the UKAPT – recognises the huge role that Building Preservation Trusts can continue to play in the regeneration and management of our heritage in the 21st century.  Their first conference made absolutely clear to all the capacity and the potential of the Network to deliver on these ambitions’.

‘As co-sponsors we were also delighted to be able to attend in force, with myself and our Support Officer Carla Pianese, as well as our Education Secretary Bridget Turnbull, representing our trustees.’

‘The conference web report – with its excellent film an especially impressive reminder of the event’s learning and networking opportunities – is a suitably dramatic first major statement by the new organisation about its capacity to engage and upskill practitioners, people and communities.’

See speaker presentations and more….

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