New on IHBC’s Conservation Wiki: Joe Orsi on wrought iron… and on the Wiki – ‘A great tool for professional conservators and crafts.’

cons_wiki_wroughtironThe IHBC’s Conservation Wiki resource on Designing Buildings Wiki has had a new entry on Wrought iron posted by Joe Orsi IHBC, who described the resource as ‘easy to navigate and use. A great tool for professional conservators and crafts.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Joe’s article is just the sort of contribution we want to encourage with our support for this open access and public service. His piece has already been rightly applauded by one user as ‘an excellent and informative entry’ and I couldn’t agree more!’

‘I hope lots more IHBC members will take advantage of the opportunity to impart knowledge in this way, while the IHBC will also be using the Wiki pages to spread the word about our work, including more Context articles as well as our Notes on Research and Guidance’.

Architect Dr Gregor Harvie, Co-founder of Designing Buildings Wiki said: ‘Joe’s article about wrought iron is exactly the sort of thing we want people to add to Conservation Wiki.’

‘It introduces readers to a fascinating subject and provides great links to other sources of other information. There must be lots of conservation experts out there with this sort of knowledge to share.’

‘Adding it to Conservation Wiki will help make everyone better informed.’

See the article at

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