IHBC’s new Support Officer: Welcome to Carla Pianese -support@ihbc.org.uk

CARLA_LinkedINThe IHBC welcomes its newest staff member, Carla Pianese, recently appointed to help our volunteers, Branches, trustees and staff respond more effectively to current sector challenges, who can be reached through her new IHBC office email: support@ihbc.org.uk. 

Mike Brown, IHBC Chair, said: ‘The Trustees and I are very pleased to welcome Carla into the National Office to assist with supporting our Branches and our busy events and related outreach programmes.  I’m sure her many talents will be a major asset in taking these forward and that she will have a big impact.’

‘Welcome Carla to the IHBC, I hope you will really enjoy working here on the many challenges ahead!’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Carla, in her new role of Branch and Event’ Support Officer, offers critical new capacity and skills to help all your national office staff – and our consultants – carry out their jobs more effectively and efficiently, from web support and event management to Branch support, training and advocacy.  We’re all looking forward to having Carla on the team, but it will of course take a little time for her to familiarise herself with our processes as we get to know better what she has to offer.’

‘So for now please start by welcoming her as suits you best, including by joining her on her twitter and Linkedin accounts and inviting her to your Branch meetings and events too.  Though do remember that she has a busy diary of meetings already set up, as Kate Kendall introduces her to Branches through the training events currently under way.  Clearly the sooner you get your Branch on Carla’s list the better, and the quicker you’ll be able to get her help – and that of the national office – in any new event ideas that you are planning!’ 

IHBC’s new Branch and Event Support Officer Carla Pianese said: ‘Following my early background in object and preventive conservation in Italy – including at Urbino and Ravenna – I developed a wider experience of and interest in interdisciplinary conservation practice in the voluntary sectors, including in events management support and clerical work.  So I came to the UK to develop these skills, and am currently a part-time student at UCL, on the MSc in Sustainable Heritage there.’

‘Having been selected by my colleagues at UCL as the student representative for the IHBC’s 3rd annual ‘Course Connection Day’ last November, I was really delighted to be able to extend my knowledge on conservation of built and historic environment much further with the help of the IHBC.  And when I heard about this new post I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this work, and to grow professionally within one of the UK’s leading conservation institutions.  I’m sure this will help build a career that brings me joy and excitement – and stops me having to wake up to a job I might hate.’

‘There is a lot to be learnt with lovely and skilled people in this fast-growing organisation, but I am especially interested in IHBC’s core purposes: raising awareness and promoting advice and understanding on the care and conservation of built and historic environment.’

‘I am truly delighted to be able to take on this important role, and to contribute to the IHBC’s key local and national activities through the voluntary networks and Branches across the UK.’

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