IHBC NewsBlogs Update: ‘Top 10’ for 2015 (from ‘NIMBY’ism to BS 7913) · Reach @750k+ · Taster alerts to come!

newsbloghomepageIHBC members and colleagues will be interested to know more about the ever-extending reach, impact and potential of one of our core member services and charitable activities, the IHBC NewsBlogs news and email alert service, while to celebrate its success the institute will soon offer 6 months of free NewsBlog email alert ‘tasters’ to non-members.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Since we started our NewsBlogs in 2007 – with a NewsBlog on buildings history, suitably enough – the service has become a resource that not only recorded progress in the sector, but helped shape it.’

‘Indeed the NewsBlog service remains unique today, both as a resource in itself and as a tool for profiling the true character of the conservation sector.’

‘As a resource, the NewsBlog archive offers some of the most flexible search facilities – including searches by month and by email alert as well as content.  Among other uses, it also serves as an easy tool for referencing digital publications, as authors can simplify and speed up authoritative sourcing just by embedding links to our NewsBlog items.’

‘The site data for 2015 to date demonstrates just how the service currently stands:

  • 214 IHBC-specific NewsBlogs, as well as
  • 1080 sector Newsblogs
  • 103 NewsBlog email alerts sent out to c.2,000 recipients, an average of two per week
  • 781,396 visits. 

‘And since we began in 2007 we have published and archived 4832 NewsBlog items; recorded 1,283,495 visits, and had 3,224,729 pageviews, which means about 670 pageviews per NewsBlog!’

‘Notwithstanding all the obvious qualifications we must apply in interpreting digital data such as these, they are hugely impressive figures for a specialist professional body such as ours!’ 

‘Moreover, the NewsBlog service can also help us shape the sector, for example as a profiling tool that offers rare insights into conservation practice.  For example, analysing the use of the service reveals the vast constituencies of interest encompassed by IHBC members and NewsBlog service users.’

‘So our Top Ten list of NewsBlogs for 2015 clearly demonstrates the huge gulf between the realities of conservation practice and the presumptions so often associated with it even now by so many, both inside and outside the heritage sector, as our ten most popular topics for 2015 cover:

  • planning and crime – such as ‘NIMBY’ism and stone theft
  • infrastructure and standards – for example regional devolution, green belts and the IHBC-branded BS 7913, and
  • diverse news headlines – IHBC officers’ support for the NHTG, and BBC reports on the costly problems of inappropriate insulation.

‘Altogether the NewsBlog service and archive have proven their special values, helping us better inform and understand the sector.  For 2016 and after, I’m sure we’ll see the service playing an ever increasing role, as its legacy helps to shape the sector and the wider mainstream activities that impact on our valued places!’

‘Recognising this potential, the IHBC would like to offer its thanks to all involved in the production of the service, not least our NewsBlog consultant author, Alison McCandlish.’

‘We can also confirm that in January we will start offering 6-month ‘tasters’ of the email alert service to non-members, so all NewsBlog users can see just how the IHBC’s services can help them improve their understanding of how conservation operates.’

IHBC’s Top Ten NewsBlog pages for 2015, by headline and link:

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