IHBC’s ‘Big Thanks’ to ‘Council+’ as future role in ‘IHBC+’ endorsed

IHBC Council+ London 2 Dec 2015

IHBC Council+ London 2 Dec 2015

IHBC trustees and officers have offered a ‘big thanks’ and congratulations to all involved in supporting and progressing ‘Council+’, the institute’s new forum for national reporting and debate on built and historic environment conservation, as its members endorse their future role in ‘IHBC+’.


IHBC Past President Trefor Thorpe, leading light in developing the IHBC+ strategy to extend representation, diversity and voluntary contributions across the professional body, said: ‘I’m delighted that the institute’s newly created ‘Council+’ – our wider forum for national reporting and debate – has unanimously endorsed its continuation as a core strategy within IHBC+.  And as this does rely on the kindness of volunteers – never mind, often, of strangers – on behalf of current and recent trustees I’m proud to be able to offer to all Council+ members our sincere and collective thanks’.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Having experienced and recognised the value of ‘Council+’ as a new governance tool extending out from the IHBC’s board of trustees – our constitutional ‘Council’ – at our London meeting this week some 40 members of ‘Council+’ supported the motion that the grouping should continue to evolve and develop.  This is great news for the sector as it confirms our institute’s sense that there is a huge body of untapped support and interest that can add much-needed capacity to the IHBC’s future progress.’

‘We’ll report in more detail on the Council+ day next week, including reports of the local tastings that concluded the formal part of the day on offer from members from Orkney to Oxford and far beyond.

Background on Council+

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