IHBC reports to membership on ‘CP10’ achievements

The IHBC National Office report to trustees on the conclusion of ‘CP10’, the institute’s AGM-endorsed Corporate Plan for 2010-15, is being offered to members for digest, review and, as appropriate, response. 

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Very much in the spirit of our ‘IHBC+’ initiative, our ‘experimental evolution’ to enhance our governance and structures, trustees have been keen to encourage wider awareness of this internal report.’

‘Hopefully, seeing this report will encourage members and their colleagues – and indeed anyone with an interest in conservation – to appreciate the great services and excellent value the institute offers, both as a specialist body for conservation practitioners and as a charitable organisation that keeps its focus firmly on the public interest while still offering great value to members.’

‘Of course it’s not a story of unblemished, 100% success, as we’ve been working through one of the most challenging operating environments you could imagine, relying mostly on top-notch member services and sector-specific projects and research work.  Nor are we trying to spin the report for easier public consumption – it is simply, as it says, a report made to trustees by their hugely busy National Office.  In any case, though, any interested members can download the report and make your own mind up about how well we’ve done by them in recent years, and get back to me or others on any issues they’d like to raise.’

Download the report

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