Do you have something new to offer the IHBC? Let your Branch know if you are interested in our Council+!

Some of the IHBC’s Branches are still working on selecting their Council+ appointments, as they help the institute diversify and extend membership input into our forward planning through the ‘IHBC+’ initiative, so if you feel you have something new to offer us then let your Branch committee know, and they may be able to guide you in how best to join us on Council+.

Council+ is the new IHBC forum, sitting twice yearly, to help guide the institute on how to offer more and better value to our members, as a professional body, voluntary organisation and conservation charity.

So if you would like to contribute more to our corporate development as your institute, or get more involved with the IHBC, do let your Branch Committee know about your interest in Council+.

In any case, if you want to help in our work while you help your career as well, do please let your Branch know and they will be able to guide you to local and national opportunities.

If you want to find out more IHBC+ and Council+ just contact the IHBC’s LETS Liaison Officer, Kate Kendall, at, or the IHBC’s director, Sean O’Reilly, at

Branch links and contacts

Details on IHBC and Council+

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