IHBC’s HESPR highlights: are you missing out on business?

HESPR homepageIf you run or work in a heritage-based business and are a full member of the IHBC, and not on the IHBC’s HESPR scheme, you may be missing out on the many benefits this brings, including regular bulletins of current tender opportunities in all areas of conservation-related practice, sometimes running into millions of pounds of work!  

IHBC’s HESPR (Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition) scheme is a quality assurance and promotional service for businesses that work to conservation and service standards expected by the IHBC.  Practices recognised under the IHBC’s HESPR agree to observe the institute’s standards through maintaining a corporate link to the IHBC through their Designated Service Adviser, a nominated Full Member of the IHBC, agreed by the IHBC.

HESPR tender bulletins are a new service for HESPR members to help them keep up to date with commercial and business opportunities locally as well as across the UK.  These are circulated to members regularly, often every two to three weeks, and feature heritage and heritage-related tender notifications for businesses of all sizes, from those suitable for sole traders to large service operations with multi-disciplinary teams.  The notices cover opportunities across the UK and sometimes even beyond, and are classified according to IHBC Branches to help HESPR companies target what’s most relevant to them.

Tasters of headline projects offered in the most recent current update include:

  • Specialist heritage advice to support a Local Authority in its planning appeal process
  • Archaeological survey work for major infrastructure project (£4 million)
  • Fabric repairs to a grade I listed building (£20 million)
  • Analysis and research for the Heritage Lottery Fund in Wales
  • RIBA Stage 4 to Stage 7 for grade I listed building redevelopment (£1.1 million)
  • Community engagement services for a Scottish Local Authority
  • Category A listed building design and project management services for a World Heritage Site (£5 million)
  • Economic development and regeneration strategy advice for a South of England authority
  • Services for a Hertfordshire council including Urban Design and Architecture services for minor sites, archaeological advice and public realm works

If projects such as these – and a huge range of others – might be of interest to your practice or employment, take a closer look at HESPR (http://hespr.ihbc.org.uk) and see how easy it can be join up, and how cost effective.  All you need to start with is to be a Full Member of the IHBC, or have one on your staff! 

Benefits of HESPR listing are wide-ranging and include:

  • Accessible: An easy-to-use searchable online database listing with hosted and managed web pages for each HESPR business, containing full contact details and links
  • High profile: Web links from IHBC’s Home Page, the starting point for IHBC’s 30,000 page web resource with some 1/4million hits per month
  • IHBC’s Yearbook: HESPR company listings published in IHBC’s Yearbook, circulation 5000+ (including planning authorities & other heritage regulators and leaders)
  • Tender bulletins: Free tender notification service (see archive at http://www.ihbc.org.uk/hespr/tenders.html )
  • Support: One free ‘Jobs etc’ advert, social networks & email package p.a. (worth up to £400)
  • Learning: Dedicated search facility for HESPR-related events on IHBC’s events calendar (email for details)
  • Events: HESPR fliers circulated at select IHBC events, such as the IHBC’s Annual School, and IHBC-partnered events
  • Promotion: HESPR promotion on IHBC networks, including social media
  • Personal: As well as the IHBC’s usual personal touch, IHBC members who are the DSA for a HESPR company get a special notice in our online listing of accredited practitioners 

PLEASE NOTE: HESPR listing is predicated on a business having a Full Member of the IHBC in a meaningful position on its staff.

Check out our members and services on offer at HESPR via the NewsBlogs Archive

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