Context 163 - March 2020

18 C O N T E X T 1 6 3 : M A R C H 2 0 2 0 St Mary’s Abbey, Devenish Island, Co Fermanagh in 1970, with the author (bottom left hand corner) making notes. The abbey is one of the few medieval buildings in Ireland that has a date stone (1449) which, most unusually, gives the name of the architect as Matthew O’Dubigan. ALISTAIR ROWAN The origins of the Buildings of Ireland A lunch with Nikolaus Pevsner in a Westminster pub in the spring of 1967 led to the Buildings of Ireland series, of which six volumes are published and another is on its way. In the spring of 2020, the sixth volume of The Buildings of Ireland will be published byYale University Press.Written by Frank Keohane and covering Cork, city and county, the book will be unique within the series as the only volume to consider a single county on its own. As the largest Irish county, and one that is particularly rich in interesting architecture, there is good reason for this anomaly. Yet for those who have the job of planning the Irish series of ‘Pevsner Architectural Guides’ – the board members of The Buildings of Ireland Charitable Trust – a