Context 162 - November 2019

Handmade Woodfired The vast majority of bricks manufactured today are fired using gas, oil or coal. However before 1800 wood was the main kiln fuel. glazes that form on the bricks during firing. For ultra authentic matching of brickwork on older buildings wood fired bricks are often the best choice. All of our wood fired bricks are hand made and are dried and fired using wood sourced locally. This means that our bricks are not only beautiful to look at, but the complete absence of fossil fuels in their production ensures they are close to being carbon neutral. The Brickworks, Bellingdon, Chesham Buckinghamshire HP5 2UR Tel: 01494 758212 H.G.Matthews Traditional brickmakers Est. 1923 Reigniting a Lost Art Heritage Quality new build conservation A beautiful and unique side effect of wood burning is the natural