Context 159 - May 2019

36 C O N T E X T 1 5 9 : M A Y 2 0 1 9 FULLY CERTIFIED LIMECRETE FLOORS MIKE WYE THE SUSTAINABLE BUILDING & DECORATING SPECIALISTS Find out more about Glasscrete at Mike Wye supplies two different LABC Certified limecrete floor systems: Glasscrete which uses foam glass aggregate as the sub-base, and the original Limecrete floor which uses expanded clay aggregate. Glasscrete® is a breathable lime floor system using GEOCELL Foam Glass gravel as its insulating base. Foam glass is a lightweight, breathable loose lay aggregate and, being made from 100% recycled glass is a sustainable insulation. Glasscrete® is an updated version of the original limecrete system capable of being used as a load bearing hardcore. It also has better insulation per thickness of sub- base (approximately 20% better thermal performance compared to clay aggregate). MIKE WYE Independent heritage and planning specialists. We work on a wide spectrum of projects across all building sectors from residential and commercial to education and ecclesiastical. 01728 726645