Context 156 - September 2018

C O N T E X T 1 5 6 : S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 8 41 IHBC ANNUAL SCHOOL offered places at the school and awards, were Maria-Theodora Tzeli, from the IHBC-recognised conservation course at the University of Edinburgh, on ‘the restoration of classical monuments in ancient Greece… as a clear and well-developed analysis of the history of the subject’; and Sean McEntee, from the IHBC-recognised conservation course at the University of Leicester – and a member of staff of the main school sponsor for 2018, Heritage Collective – for his ‘interesting attempt to apply detailed analytical tools to a set of issues at Norton Folgate which are often discussed on the basis of emotion and assertion.’ The Gus Astley Fund’s ‘trustee selection’ for special commendation in 2018, also recom- mended by Souter, was Matthew Orme, from University of Kent, for his ‘extraordinary out- lier of Patent Office and Inventors Workshop for Kentish Inventors, which read as a cross between an architectural submission and a magical realist essay.’ Clockwise from top left; Marsh Christian Trust trustee Lorraine Ryan presents Amy Ward with her Marsh Award; and the 2018 GASA judge Carole Souter presents Maria-Theodora Tzeli, Sean McEntee and Rodolfo Acevedo Rodríguez with their Gus Astley Student Awards. Belfast City Hall, the venue for the 2018 annual dinner and awards