IHBC supports Building Limes Forum ‘Gathering’: 5-7 Sept in Bath

This year the Building Limes Forum have organised a conference and gathering to celebrate 40 years of lime revival, which will takes place from 5-7 September at the University of Bath, with the programme now formally recognised as CPD for IHBC members.

The Building Limes Forum writes:
This year’s Conference & Gathering of the Building Limes Forum, generously supported by English Heritage, commemorates 40 years of the lime revival with lectures and visits looking at the work at Wells and developments in the four decades since.

The programme includes case studies and presentations by members, lectures and workshops and tours of  Bath, Glastonbury, Wells and Bradford-upon-Avon.

Speakers include:

  • Jerry Sampson, the conservation programme at Wells
  •  Nick Durnan, work to the statuary at Wells
  •  Catherine Woolfit, The legacy of the lime work at Wells
  •  Clare Torney, Historic Scotland, modern restoration mortars – the future of lime in masonry repair
  •  Sally Strachey, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation, shelter coats
  •  Roz Artis, Scottish Lime Centre, additives and admixtures for lime mortars
  •  David Odgers :Reflections on the Wells experience; legacy and future challenges (Baker Memorial Lecture)
  •  Mike Lawrence, University of Bath: Calcitic aggregates in lime mortars: current research
  •  Gianluca Pesce, Nanolime: update on current research
  • George O’Malley, the Replastering of St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford, Ireland
  •  Nigel Copsey (England),  Craig Frew (Scotland),  Stephen Waite (USA),  Bill Jordan (Australia), hot-lime mortars

The conference of the Building Limes Forum is recognised by the IHBC for continuing professional development (CPD).

View the full event programme


View further training and events opportunities on the IHBC Events website

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Heritage Skills Hub merged with NHTG

The merging of the Heritage Skills Hub with the National Heritage Training Group was announced this week, with the chief executive of Heritage Skills Hub being appointed as the general manager of NHTG.

As part of its reorganisation the NHTG is also seeking a part0time administrator to help support the help desk operation.

Heritage Skills Hub writes:
Cathie Clarke, formerly CEO of the Heritage Skills HUB, has been appointed as General Manager of the NHTG and will commence this challenging new role at the start of August. An agreement has been reached which will enable the National Heritage Training Group to take over and build on the solid foundations laid by Heritage Skills HUB to enable the co-ordinated development of the extensive skills, expertise and resources of both organisations for the benefit of the historic built environment. The Heritage Skills HUB Community Interest Company will close its doors at the end of July.

To ensure that support to the industry is not hampered during these significant changes, the Heritage Skills HUB Board of Directors have gifted the company website and all Heritage Skills HUB intellectual property to the NHTG. Brad Steele, Chairman of the Heritage Skills HUB said ‘Heritage Skills HUB started life as a regional project in 2009, supporting the work of the NHTG. We are therefore very pleased that this work will not be lost, but will feed directly back into the NHTG to support the traditional building skills sector on a truly National level. We would like to thank all those involved; Members, supporters and sponsors, for their highly valued past and continued, support’.

Ray Robertson, Chairman of the NHTG said: ’It’s not often that two organisations are able to combine resources in such an effective and positive way and the NHTG would like to thank the Heritage Skills HUB for their vision and support. The challenge now for NHTG is to capitalise and build on the foundations laid by HSH in developing the sector. We are very pleased to welcome Cathie to the organisation as General Manager and know that she will hit the ground running. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious, but we also know that she fully understands the tough issues faced by the sector. Her in-depth knowledge of people, projects and places will be invaluable.’

Central to the future modus operandi of the NHTG will be clear communication and positive dialogue with all stakeholders. The strategic role of the NHTG is to work with specialist federations and others to develop, promote and deliver appropriate training and qualifications. Announcements will soon be made regarding events and meetings that will facilitate discussion, debate and decision-making. ‘We want everyone to get involved. It is imperative that we allow the industry to speak and be heard’ said Cathie Clarke. She added, ‘But it must also take responsibility. Stakeholders must seize new opportunities to demand skilled craftspeople as well as insisting on appropriate training courses and qualifications. This goes for clients, employers and funders!’

An Information Portal & Training Database will underpin advice and support services offered by the NHTG. Therefore, re-branding and re-launching of the website is a priority for the organisation and also an exciting opportunity to investigate additional services that could be offered. Ray Robertson said ‘We aim to provide excellent customer service. The NHTG Helpdesk and Online Information Portal will be the place that people visit; first time, every time, when looking for traditional building skills advice and support.’

The long-term objective of the NHTG is that all those working on traditional buildings have the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications which are demanded by the client base. Therefore, to support the sustainability of the historic built environment, the NHTG is working towards the creation of a Register of Traditional Craftspeople. An industry necessity, providing a resource of qualified and experienced craftspeople that actively promotes a career in traditional building skills.

Administrator help desk role

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Heritage Skills Hub news

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Brighton Hippodrome – article 25 decision delay

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has issued a notice allowing him more time to decide whether to call-in in controversial plans for the redevelopment of Brighton’s Grade 11 listed Hippodrome into an 8-screen Vue cinema and restaurant complex.

The proposal for the Grade II* Listed Hippodrome involves work to convert the former bingo hall into a cinema, new retail units and work to create a public square.

A petition was launched by David Fisher and the group ‘Our Hippodrome’ to ask the Secretary of State to call in the application, and the group have been campaigning to have the building recognised as an asset of community value (ACV).

Search Planning Resource 

View information on the development proposal and a video of the proposals http://www.brightonhippodrome.co.uk

View the petition asking the Secretary of State to call in the application

Our Hippodrome campaign website http://www.ourhippodrome.org.uk

Brighton and Hove Council press release on the application process

IHBC newsblogs on article 25 notices

Search Planning Portal

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Advertisements for SG’s HES Board Members

The Scottish Government (SG) is now looking to appoint a Chair and up to eleven Members to the Board of Historic Environment Scotland (HES), with applications to be received by Friday 12 September.

The Scottish Government writes:
HES is the new lead organisation for the historic environment in Scotland.  It will be established by the Historic Environment Scotland Bill currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament and combines the functions, staff and assets of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS).  Its role will be to investigate, care for and promote Scotland’s historic environment and to manage its collections as a national resource for reference, study and research.

In bringing together the skills, experience and functions of the previous organisations to create this new body, Scottish Ministers have charged HES to work with partners from across the sector and beyond to implement Scotland’s first Historic Environment Strategy, Our Place in Time.  This important document sets out a shared, sector-wide strategy to ensure Scotland’s historic environment is understood, valued, cared for, protected and enhanced.

We are seeking applications from people from a range of backgrounds who want to contribute to the development of this new organisation and feel they have the skills required.

Information on the roles and how to apply can be found HERE

For further information on the Historic Environment Scotland Bill visit: www.scotland.gov.uk/historicenvironment

IHBC newsblogs on HES

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New planning documentary seeks contributors

Planning looks set to hit the small screen once again in a new documentary series being put together for Channel 4.

Production company North One Television is making the series which will, the firm says, focus ‘on house builds that have broken the mould in terms of planning design and/ or application’.

North One says the series ‘will follow a number of cases that are currently under review by the Planning Inspectorate, in order to secure retrospective permission to retain their house in its current form’.

It says that although the outcome of these applications is unclear, the working title for the series is ‘Damned Designs’ in recognition of the fact that the local planning department has already ruled against them.

The company assures us that ‘each story will be told with fairness and will be factually accurate’.

‘Filming will aim to include the voices of all interested parties if they so wish – including yourself, friends and family, representatives from the local council or Inspectorate and members of the local community.

‘And as with all good storytelling, we will want to film as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible and hopefully follow events to their natural conclusion (including capturing any modifications, alterations or demolitions)’, it says.

If you know of any ongoing cases which you think would be of interest to the documentary team or would like further information then contact Natalie on 020 7502 5624, Dave on 020 7502 5865 or Adelaide on 020 7502 5637, or you can email damneddesigns@northonetv.com

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Brecon Beacons NP chair in chalet dispute

Geraint Hopkins, chairman of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, has been refused retrospective planning permission for a chalet he built on land just outside the boundary of the park and has appealed the decision.

Hopkins, an Independent member of Powys County Council, has insisted that his involvement in what has become a long-running planning dispute has not brought the authority into disrepute

He is appealing against the council’s decision not to grant him permission for the chalet, one of several he has built adjacent to his home Beacons Edge at Pontithel, near Brecon.

Last year a planning barrister advised the county council that it could take enforcement action against Mr Hopkins and his wife Shan, who jointly own the property. They were invited to make an application for retrospective planning permission, but in March permission was refused.

The Hopkins have appealed and interested parties had until last week to make representations to a Welsh Government planning inspector.

Hopkins said: ‘I am the chairman of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and very proud to be so. I certainly would not have taken up this prestigious position if I thought that I would bring the reputation of the authority into disrepute in any way.’

A spokeswoman for the national park authority said: ‘It would be inappropriate for us to comment on a live planning matter being considered by Powys County Council which is a different planning authority.’

Search Planning Portal


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Museums VAT scheme extended

Support being offered to museums to help deliver continued free public access is being extended, with new rules on VAT applied to some institutions.

HM Treasury writes:
The government has today (Monday 18 August) announced plans to extend the VAT refund scheme which helps museums and galleries with the costs of providing free access to the public.

Free museums are a cornerstone of the government’s cultural policy. Admitting the public free of charge normally means a museum cannot recover VAT on its purchases.

The VAT refund scheme for named museums and galleries supports institutions which allow free public access to their collections, by letting them reclaim VAT on costs associated with those collections.

Under the extension, the V&A Museum of Design, Dundee and Embrace Arts – the University of Leicester’s art centre – will now be added to the order which lists institutions that can access the scheme.

The order will also be updated so that the National Coal Mining Museum for England, which was previously included as part of the Science Museum, is now listed as a separate institution.

Around £60 million of support is provided through the VAT refund scheme each year to around 60 major UK institutions which are responsible for approximately 120 qualifying museums and galleries.

Discussing the decision to extend the scheme, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, said:‘This is great news for the V&A Museum of Design, Dundee which will be the first ever design museum to be built in the UK outside London.

‘Through this scheme, the UK government will be able to support the museum in showcasing Scotland’s design heritage to the world, as well as hosting touring exhibitions from the V&A’

Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, added:‘The UK’s museums and galleries are a source of great education and interest, attracting visitors from all over the world. The government is committed to supporting them and ensuring they can be accessed by as many people as possible, through the VAT refund scheme. Extending the scheme will support more museums and galleries to open their doors, free of charge, for the public to enjoy them’.

Civil Society news

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View the HM Treasury article

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Public house ACV appeal upheld

A landowner has successfully appealed at tribunal against the inclusion of a former public house as an ACV by a local authority under the Localism Act.

Read the Planning Resource article on the ACV ruling

View the South Norfolk Council building at risk entry for the Grade II listed former Kings Head pub in Pulham St Mary

IHBC newsblogs on ACV 

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Closure of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) closed The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund on Thursday 24 July as the budget limit had been reached.

View the Department of Energy and Climate Change document aimed at answering questions about the closure of the Green Deal on UK Gov website

View data on the number of applications and allocations made – see UK Gov website

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Newsblogs on ‘You and Yours’ insulation discussions

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Update: Campaign for European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year

A call for organisations and people with an interest in industrial heritage to co-operate, network and unite has been launched by European Federation of Associations of Industrial and TechnicalHeritage (E-Faith) ahead of the year of European Industrial and Technical Heritage in 2015.

E-Faith writes:
At present more than 150 organisations and institutions from 19 Europeancountries have endorsed the initiative, and on many places volunteers andNGOs but also public authorities and institutions are devising projects andprogrammes to take place in 2015.

The campaign for the European industrial and technical heritage year arosefrom the grassroots and is growing bottom-up, in contrast with most otherEuropean campaigns that are initiated top-down. Thus it is an exemplaryexample of citizens’ initiative and the power of associations. It will also bean experiment and a test which will show how public authorities and publicinstitutions do respond to and encourage, how they appreciate and supportthe devotion and efforts of volunteers and voluntary associations.

If your association or institute does have ideas or plans special activities for2015, if you are looking for contacts and co-operation with colleagues or similar organisations in other European countries thenget as soon as possible in touch with the European campaign secretariatE-FAITH European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage c/o Vredelaan 72, B-8500 Kortrijk (Belgium) 2015@e-faith.org or see the website

IHBC newsblogs on industrial heritage

IHBC newsblogs on European heritage

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IHBC Newsblog readers: Can you help on C20 Soc on alterations?

Catherine Croft, Director of the Twentieth Century Society (C20 Soc) is trying to assemble a list of 20th century buildings rejected for listing because they were already too altered, and is especially keen to know of ones where window replacement was an issue.

Readers of the IHBC’s NewsBlog could please let Catherine have suggestions could they be sent to her via email: catherine@c20society.org.uk

For the C20 Society see: www.c20society.org.uk

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