IHBC sponsors Place Alliance Big Meet 3 (BM3): 24 Feb

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The IHBC is delighted to sponsor the ‘Place Alliance’ Big Meet 3, supporting the sort of pan-sector partnership that was highlighted as being critical to progress by the Farrell Review under its leading ‘PLACE’ acronym: ‘Planning; Landscape; Architecture; Conservation; Engineering’.

IHBC Education Secretary David McDonald said: ‘The IHBC is delighted to be able to play such a positive enabling role in this critical new initiative that has arisen out of the Farrell Review.  As conservation is acknowledged by the Review as being central to the place management processes on which it focused, it is only right that, as IHBC is the UK’s lead conservation body for places, we should step forward with our support to help progress the kind supportive partnerships for which our heritage sector is especially well respected.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘As Big Meet 3 will be the forum where supporters of the Place Alliance can shape the evolving ‘statement of purpose’ document, as well as explore new advocacy and learning initiatives under way there, it is especially appropriate that we should do what we can to help this come together.’

Place Alliance writes:
We hope that you can join us for the ‘Big Meet 3: Place Alliance in 2015’ on 24 February, 11am to 3.30pm.

This is an interactive event presenting the first outputs from our collective efforts as a Place Alliance. It will give us the opportunity to reflect together on these and shape our future activities.

UCL, Gower Street, London
11-3.30pm, 24 February 2015, with a networking lunch
RSVP to placealliance@ucl.ac.uk


  • Update on the Place Alliance
  • Address from the Minister Ed Vaizey MP
  • Mapping Exercise Survey Results
  • Update on the Farrell Review
  • Workshop on ‘Allying to fill the gaps’
  • Workshop on ‘Reaching out through Place Talk’


A new movement
Brings together organisations and individuals who share a belief that the quality of the built environment – the places in which we live work and play – has a profound influence on people’s lives. We believe that through collaboration we can create and maintain better places. To this end, we share knowledge and support each other to demand and realize buildings, streets and spaces that enhance the quality of life for all.

Our vision is:

  1. That place quality has a value that is recognised by all
  2. That the quality of buildings, streets, and spaces is always given a high priority by those who have the power to shape them
  3. That national and local government recognises the vital contribution of the quality of place to the economic, social and cultural life of the nation and to achieving environmental sustainability
  4. That the professionals responsible for making and managing places, work constructively together and with local communities to shape high quality local environments.

Place quality refers to:

The recognisable and desirable qualities that the most successful parts of our villages, towns and cities share. They are: friendly (open, cherished and characterful); fair (inclusive, healthy and low impact); flourishing (adaptable, dynamic and diverse); fun (vibrant, playful and stimulating); and free (safe, accessible and democratic) (see Place Matters).

The Place Alliance aims to:

  • Inspire and raise aspirations for places.
  • Support dialogue and collaboration to improve place quality
  • Build and share evidence, knowledge and resources
  • Influence policy, practice and behaviour to achieve better place quality
  • Be open and accessible to all interested individuals and organisations.

More details will be posted on the IHBC’s website as arrangements evolve. 

For more background see IHBC Newsblogs

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