Your IHBC: 2014 ‘Art of conservation’ goes digital & seeks volunteers

This year the annual school will be ‘going digital’, led by NewsBlog author and IHBC Edinburgh viewmember Alison McCandlish, and we want your help to share your views on the ‘Art of conservation’ throughout the conference, so if you are interested in joining this particular thread of the digital revolution simply let Alison know by emailing her at

What are we doing?
This year we will be experimenting with creating some digital stories around the annual school.  This means that we are looking for some volunteers who have an interest in digital technology to help us capture memories of the annual school for all to see. This will complement official reporting of the school in Context, and set the scene for how we support digital engagement with further Schools. 

Why have a digital presence?

  • It will raises the profile of the annual school online
  • It encourages discussion and interaction from a bigger audience
  • Instant sharing of stories can be done with social media, getting news to people more quickly than a formal news report
  • It allows people to share their own personal commentary and highlights
  • It gets the conservation community experimenting with digital storytelling (funders such as the Heritage Lottery increasingly recognise Digital storytelling is something which helps engage with audiences and there was a recent English Heritage social media and the historic environment conference)
  • Many more people are now using digital media to get messages out in a Government departments are using different forms of social media to send out information (for example there is a ‘Building Britain’ Tumblr Blog)
  • Short soundbites and visual news items can capture the attention of people in different ways from printed reports and conference papers

How do we do it?
The venue at which the school is held will have free wifi, so those of you with your own smartphones or tablets can create content about the school and share your work with others on social media.

Examples of things which you could do include:

  • Tweet highlights of conference speeches and events using the hashtag #ihbctweet
  • Take photographs at the conference and share them online
  • Create short audio interviews and share them on Audioboo
  • Make videos of places which you visit  and share them on Vine, YouTube and Vimeo
  • Write a blog about your day
  • Make new heritage professional connections virtually as well as in person
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with conference highlights and share these in the IHBC group

We will be issuing more detailed guidelines and inspirations for those who wish to take part but in the first instance we would like to gauge the level of interest in this approach.

Who will be taking part?
We are seeking volunteers who are attending the summer school to help us with creating social media posts and do some digital storytelling in various ways.  You can do this as little or as often as you wish, there is no detailed time commitment other than that if you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with the newsblog consultant via email at or Tweet us at @ihbctweet.

When is it happening?
The annual school takes place from Thursday 5 June to Saturday 7 June.

More examples
IHBC newsblog on the recent English Heritage conference on social media and the historic environment with example Twitter conversations.

See an example of Government uses of blogs to get messages out in a different way (much more graphical than a press release)

Short Vine examples of looping video which could be created in Edinburgh school to show

Example 1   Example 2   Example 3

Exhibitor and delegate information

Annual school website 

Day school programme


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