IHBC’s Linkedin Group @ 3000+: Join the service!

Membership of the IHBC’s Linkedin group, the primary social networking platform for IHBC members, colleagues and other conservation interests, has passed 3000.

Dave Chetwyn, IHBC past chair and lead Linkedin Group Manager, said: ‘The membership of the IHBC Linkedin Group continues to grow, with new members from all around the globe. There continues to be a diverse range of discussions, providing a platform for people to share knowledge and experience’.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘The strength behind the IHBC’s Linkedin Group is that we welcome news, views and issues from anyone with a genuine interest in the conservation of historic places. It’s open to everyone, members and non-members, and easy to join too. Simply click the links, but do please note that we control access to minimize the inconvenience of ‘spamming’ for Group members. But all you have to do is: ask!’

‘As well as hosting discussions, we also highlight jobs, events and news items of interest to Group members. Non-members can catch up on current news and issues direct from the IHBC this way, of course, but with our competitive membership rates, great member benefits and support for low-waged and bursaries, you’re missing a trick if you are interested in heritage and don’t actually just join up’.

‘And now we have our on-line application system, it could not be easier to try out what we have to offer!’

To join the IHBC’s Linkedin Group, simply click on the Linkedin logo on the IHBC’s home page www.ihbc.org.uk and follow the links.

To see just some of the IHBC’s membership benefits click on the ‘Benefits’ tab on the IHBC’s home page!

Don’t forget the IHBC’s new ‘Webstarter’ introduction to our website, for students, trainees and researchers from all backgrounds and disciplines:LINK

Want to join IHBC? Join up online, by following the links from the IHBC’s home page, and get the IHBC’s benefits in full! See links from our Home Page at www.ihbc.org.uk 

Think it’s expensive to join? If you need financial assistance to help your career through IHBC membership, as a charity the institute can offer lots of support:

  • Income under £17,500: automatic half price rates
  • Income under £12,500: join up and apply for up to 75% or 100% financial support, subject to circumstances.

Follow the guidance at: LINK

Want to keep up to date but not as an IHBC Member? Keep up to date on key issues for free on the IHBC’s Linkedin Group, linked from the IHBC’s home page www.ihbc.org.uk

To register your application to join the IHBC online simply go to:LINK 

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