EA: Draft ‘Guidelines’ for responses on planning issues

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued working draft guidelines advising interested parties on its role and responses regarding planning and permitting issues, with a closing date for responses of 15 June.

The EA states:
These guidelines have been developed to help our staff, local planning authorities (LPAs), the Planning Inspectorate and developers with planning and permitting issues.

They explain our role in the planning and permitting processes and how we will advise on developments that require planning permission and an environmental permit from us.

The closing date for comments is 15 June. The final guidelines will be published in summer 2012 after we have gained feedback.

The guides will provide the following advantages:

1. Be aware of any issues early on. We will make planning authorities and developers aware of permitting issues during planning. This will reduce the chances of ‘surprises’ during the permit application process, such as requiring a taller chimney or different building design.

2. Aid faster decision making in the planning process by identifying those developments that require complex permitting decisions early. This allows us to encourage developers to parallel-track their planning and permitting applications and faster resolution of issues.

3. Help faster decision making in the permitting process by advising developers on requirements for their permit application early in the process, helping them to submit permit applications with all of the required information first time.

Download at: LINK

Environment Agency Guidelines: LINK

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