Planning Advisory Service publishes NPPF checklist

Guidance for councils to check how well their local plans comply with the government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has been published by local government adviser the Planning Advisory Service (PAS).

PAS reports:

We have produced a checklist to help you assess the content of your local plan against new or significantly different requirements in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), from those set out in PPGs and PPSs. You will still have to make judgements about the degree of compatibility but we hope this will help you start to think about what you need to do next.

In some cases the policy objective in the NPPF is not new, but the approach to it has changed. A comprehensive checklist of all requirements, new and old, along with some thoughts on how to assess your risks and what some of your options for mitigating them are, will be published shortly.

The checklist goes through all the main points of the document, such as the presumption in favour of sustainable development and the policy on town centres, allowing councils to assess their local plans against national policy.

The PAS has also issued a Things we think you should know about the NPPF document aimed at clarifying issues such as transitional arrangements, the status of adopted or emerging development plan documents and which government policies and guidance are now defunct in the wake of the NPPF’s publication last month.

PAS also reports:

We have collated a list of key points and explanations from the National Planning Policy Framework to clarify its impact on your current policies and plans (updated in response to some feedback 27 April 2012)….

All clear? We will be trying to help you to understand what ‘limited compatibility’ means….

See the checklist at: LINK

See the things you should know at: LINK

Search Planning Resource at: LINK

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