RCAHMS Review Update

An update on the review of RCAHMS notes that currently agreed options are being assessed at present.

RCAHMS writes:
In November 2011, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, commissioned Historic Scotland to undertake a strategic options appraisal on the future of RCAHMS. The appraisal is now entering its final stages. Here is an update from Michael Proctor, programme manager of the options appraisal being undertaken by Historic Scotland, on the progress so far.

The timeframe for concluding the review has extended to allow for more detailed financial analysis, however, the Review Team anticipate that a summary report will be made to the Cabinet Secretary at the end of May to inform her decision on how best to achieve a sustainable future for RCAHMS’ work.

Short-listing of Options
A strategic workshop on 15 March undertook shortlisting of options for detailed consideration. On the basis of the workshop the options being appraised are:

1. Maintain the status quo
2. Reconstituted NDPB with functions established in legislation
3. Merger with Historic Scotland

Each of these options is now undergoing more detailed appraisal, looking at the benefits and risks associated with each, as well as any costs or cost benefits.

Benefits and Risks
Each option is being assessed against an agreed list of benefits that we would seek from any change. The appraisal will look at the relative importance of each benefit and the extent to which each of the options is better or worse than the status quo.

A list of risks has also been developed that may arise from any change. Each is being assessed to judge its potential impact and the likelihood of the risk being realised in any of the options.

Target Operating Model
Using the information gathered throughout the review process, the Target Operating Model provides a summary of the key features that are desired in making any change to the status quo. The short-listed options will be assessed against the Target Operating Model to assess how well each matches up to the ideal.

Next Steps
The review team plan to present their findings to the Cabinet Secretary at the end of May. The timing of the publication of a report of the review process will be dependent on the Cabinet Secretary’s consideration of those findings.


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