IHBC: select NewsBlogs free for all on RSS feeds

Now anyone can keep up to date on essential IHBC news through RSS (really simple syndication) feeds, as our news updates are made more accessible to all parts of the heritage, development and environment sectors.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s NewsBlog information service, featured on our website, gathers together a huge range of current news material relevant to the work of built and historic environment conservation professionals in the UK and beyond, whatever specialist area they might work in. The IHBC’s members keep up to date by signing up for email alerts on this news.’

‘With this new option on the RSS feed, anyone can keep a ready eye on IHBC’s major news stories for themselves. This makes our services even more accessible to prospective users from all sector interests. Hopefully too, many more will see the particular benefits of joining the IHBC. At no more than £81 a year after tax relief for anyone – and often a lot less given our subsidies for lower waged and unemployed – IHBC membership offers great value for any specialist users.’

IHBC’s IT adviser Peter Badcock says; ‘Setting up RSS on your computer could not be easier. Firstly download a suitable RSS feed programme – many serviceable ones are completely free!  When it’s loaded, it’s usually a simple matter of clicking the RSS logo from a web site – our RSS link is on our Home page – to view it in your reader and for your feed to automatically keep itself up to date.’

See more guidance on setting up an RSS from the BBC at: LINK

See the IHBC’s current news on our Home Page atwww.ihbc.org.uk

See the IHBC’s NewsBlog archive at: LINK

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