Planning Aid reboots after funding confirmed

Planning Aid England is seeking to re-employ staff after it received formal confirmation that it will get extra funding from the government.

Communities and Local Government has formally agreed a four-month continuation to its grant to Planning Aid England under the Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning scheme.

The grant period has now been extended until 31 July 2012.

The focus of the work has been modified to reflect the final provisions of the Localism Act and in light of the new neighbourhood planning powers that have come into effect.

For the next four months Planning Aid England, working with Planning Aid for London, will focus more on what Front Runner communities need to help them to progress their neighbourhood plans.

In a statement, Planning Aid England said: ‘We will be aiming to help these communities to ‘get over the line’ and to make measurable progress towards getting neighbourhood plans in place.

‘We are, of course, actively putting in place staff to support the contract continuation and we will be shortly announcing, in more detail, both the staffing structure and working arrangements.’

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