Post NPPF step 2: Getting to know… your local plan…

Anyone who cares about their local places must get to grips with their local plan, as the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) offers only a short window of 12 months to get the plan fit for purpose under the new regime

Mike Brown, Policy Secretary to the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), the professional body for built and historic environment conservation specialists, said: ‘If you don’t apply or re-interpret the NPPF through your Local Plan in the way your local community wants it, the overarching agenda of the NPPF will take over, and the presumption in favour of how it applies sustainable development will apply. The NPPF gives you 12 months to get your Local Plan in order.’

‘The NPPF purposefully allows considerable scope for the local application of its policy framework. This means that the local authority can respond directly to the particular needs of the local interests and priorities, as they are articulated in their Local Plan. It is essential that local groups get in touch immediately with their local conservation officer or service, or identify a sympathetic and informed planner, so that they can get the right help in developing their Local Plan to help secure what is wanted for their places.’

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