Planning powers for 108 more communities in England

More than 100 communities eager to trial new rights that give local people powers to bring jobs and homes to their area and shape development were announced by Communities Minister Bob Neill.

The bumper group of 108 communities join 125 other ‘frontrunner’ communities that have recently been working up plans and testing out the principles of neighbourhood planning before the system formally commences later this year.

The areas are some of the first preparing to use new neighbourhood planning powers introduced in the Localism Act. Neighbourhood planning is an innovative part of the Government’s localism agenda and ensures people for the first time have a major say in shaping development in their area.

Communities can help determine where development should go and can decide the type and design of development that can be granted automatic planning permission, through a Neighbourhood Development Order.

Communities Minister Bob Neill said: ‘There has been enormous interest in neighbourhood planning and the large number of communities jumping at the chance to trial these new powers demonstrates the enthusiasm people have for this local approach to planning. For the first time communities will be in the driving seat and allowed to shape the way they want their area to develop instead of having a vision imposed upon them from above. Neighbourhood planning encourages people to plan positively for their future and is a real opportunity to deliver the homes and jobs communities need to thrive.’

The local councils of the successful front runners have been given £20,000 per project to support their work to help their communities with neighbourhood planning.

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