RTPI updates on localism, ‘US-style’


The RTPI has drawn attention to the problems faced by planners in the US, who face ‘Tea Party’ activists challenging planning meetings for their un-American principles.

The protests originate in the 1992 nonbinding resolution by the UN, ‘Agenda 21’, which encouraged nations to use fewer resources and conserve open land by directing development to already dense areas.

RTPI writes:


As RTPI goes about its work of myth-busting in the UK – helping planners set the record straight in the face of largely baseless criticism – spare a thought for planners in the USA. In an unexpected and unprecedented backlash, they are being subjected to heckling, hectoring, abuse and meeting-disruption tactics by activists convinced that planning is a conspiracy to deprive them of their right to build whatever they want, wherever they want, and drive to it in whatever vehicle they choose.

US urban planning blogs began to pick up on this last year. Now the New York Times notes concerted opposition to planning as a concept. Special vitriol is reserved for Agenda 21, and for the ‘undemocratic’ International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, an environmental pressure group.


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