IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Former mayor opposes demolition of Bath College’s Allen Building

websitePlans to knock down Bath College’s Allen Building in the city centre to make way for another hotel have been called ‘ridiculous’ and could wreck the former Bath mayor’s ‘proudest moment’, writes Somerset Live.

Somerset Live writes:

Development firm Dominvs submitted plans in November 2017 for Bath College’s Allen Building to be demolished and replaced with a 206-bed hotel. If approved the plans would see a third hotel come to James Street West in the city centre.

Denis Lovelace, a former mayor of Bath, has more reason than most to oppose the proposal. At the entrance to the Allen Building a foundation stone he laid on October 15, 1991, still has pride of place, bearing his name. Bath Live contacted the former mayor to find out what he thought of the suggestion to knock down the building and replace it with a hotel.

Mr Lovelace, now 86, said: ‘It was one of my proudest moments when I had the honour of laying the foundation stone. In many ways I think of that foundation stone as my memorial block. With any luck the application will be rejected, as it’s a ridiculous place to put yet another hotel. We need another hotel about as much as we need another spa….

For more recent background see the Bath Chronicle

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