IHBC’s Council+ first ‘Taster’ feedback: Early career members bring fresh perspectives to forward planning as ‘reverse mentoring’ guides your professional body!

Early career members (‘Mentors’) provided their fresh perspectives, and new approaches to ways of working for IHBC, at the most recent meeting of our Council+, the informal forum advising the institute on how best to move forward in the 21st century, and a short video insight offers a first ‘taster’ of the day.

Fiona Newton, IHBC Operations Director, who led on the organization of the day, said: ‘For reverse mentoring discussions, IHBC members of longer standing were grouped with those earlier in their career, to explore old and new ways of how we can support conservation  professionals.  The many ideas and comments then generated will be consolidated for delegates and – through coming NewsBlogs – the membership as a whole to review, digest and progress.’

‘Hopefully all our delegates also gained new insights into the strategic picture and the leadership of the IHBC.’

For more on Council+ see the NewsBlog

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