IHBC CPD boost in Context’s Isle of Man issue: ‘The TT Races and the landscape’

motorbike and buildingMatthew Richardson explores ‘The TT Races and the landscape’ in his article in Context 153, looking at the symbiotic relationship that has developed over the past 111 years between the TT Races and the island’s physical landscape, in ways that are perhaps unique among the world’s sporting events.

Matthew Richardson writes:

‘The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) is arguably the most famous motorcycling event in the world. It is also, with the possible exception of the tailless cat, the most distinctive aspect of the culture of the Isle of Man and best known to outsiders.’

He concludes that ‘While other sporting events have moved away from their roots within the landscape, or have sought to exclude its influence, the Isle of Man TT remains closely embedded within the physical geography of the island. Indeed, it continues to influence and shape the landscape from which it first grew, in a way which is perhaps unique in the world.’

Reading Context helps IHBC members develop their skills across all of the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, and as such offers a critical baseline in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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As ever, themed issues of Context also include more general conservation articles as well as news, book reviews and reports from IHBC’s officers.

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