UK’s longest treetop walkway for Conkers wins planning permission

walkwayArchitects Cullinan Studio and multidisciplinary firm Arup have received planning permission on 9 February 2018 for the UK’s longest aerial walkway: a 400m-long (1,312ft) ribbon ‘floating through the treetops’ of the Conkers visitor attraction in Leicestershire.

image Cullinan Studio website

Cullinan Studio writes:

Three treehouses, or eyries, at different viewpoints along the walkway will enhance Conker’s learning activities for school children. The Eyries are designed to be versatile, functioning as covered viewing platforms as well as event and educational spaces. Big enough to comfortably accommodate over 40 children, the enclosing structure will be formed of a timber gridshell clad in timber shingles. Also along the walkway route are a number of widenings which act as meeting and passing places, we well as offering resting points to take in the view. Interpretation panels will inform visitors about the surrounding trees and site history.

Cullinan Studio has collaborated with Arup to design the sinuous walkway composed of a galvanised steel structure, guarding of weathered steel fins and non-slip galvanised steel decking formed in a triangular pattern to accommodate the double curved geometry. The Aerial Walkway improves connectivity between two areas of the award-winning visitor attraction that are separated by the Ivanhoe Mineral Railway line. An earth rampart at one end of the walkway connects with existing paths and forms an amphitheatre next to the lakeside that can be used for a wide variety of events, such as storytelling sessions.

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