IHBC responds to HE consultation draft ‘Conservation Principles’ 

IHBC consultations webpageThe IHBC has submitted its response on the consultation draft from Historic England (HE) on its revised ‘Guidance on Conservation Principles’.

The IHBC writes:

The IHBC welcomes the revision of Conservation Principles and believes that this consultation document is an improvement on the 2008 version.

… The consultation draft is more concise than its predecessor and it states that it is intended to be more closely aligned with the NPPF. This compatibility is welcomed.  The IHBC suggests that there needs to be more emphasis and clarification on assessing significance at the conceptual stage of a planning application involving a heritage asset so a development can be heritage led. Throughout the document, it would be useful to recognise the nature of conservation practice, which includes reconciling values, applying different legislative frameworks, taking account of the socio-economic and physical context, etc.

… The IHBC notes that there is almost nothing on sustainability in this version of the principles and we believe that this is a serious and fundamental omission and that the entire document should be revised with this in mind…

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Download the full text of the IHBC response

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