IHBC’s Annual School 2018, Belfast 21-3 June: Day School lead speakers web page launched

Belfast imageThe Day School lead ‘Speakers’ web page for the IHBC’s 2018 School in Belfast – from 21-23 June and exploring ‘Our Shared Heritage’ – has been launched, highlighting speakers and topic areas, so now prospective delegates can see how the School’s theme and topic areas relate to their CPD priorities.

IHBC Northern Ireland Branch Chair and lead organizer Andrew McClelland said: ‘The School’s keynote speakers already represented the blend of local and international content pervading the programme, and with these new details, delegates now have plenty of insight to see specific CPD benefits and make preparations accordingly.’

James Caird, IHBC Chair, said: ‘In these days of low resources, our School is increasingly relevant and cost-effective.  Remember too that getting to Belfast from other parts of the UK is neither especially expensive nor difficult – it has good flight or ferry connections from most parts.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Our new ‘Speakers’ page offers links to speakers’ online biographies as well as initial CPD reference links to their specialist interest areas.  So if anyone wants to get a better idea of why, who and what about our Day School programme, that’s all to hand.  We’ll be adding more CPD support as the information comes in, so do keep an eye on our NewsBlogs for updates.

‘And as usual, the Full School programme – including CPD-focussed tours – will delve even more deeply into our theme for 2018.  Tied into the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage our explanations, investigations and interrogations will extend right across Northern Ireland, from Mount Stewart to Derry-Londonerry!’



  • Keynote: Bill Drummond -Scottish artist, co-founder of avant-garde pop group The KLF, and art provocateur known for burning £1millon cash, whose 10 Commandments for Art include ‘Make art for everyone’ and ‘Stand on the outside looking further


  • Deborah Mays, Head of Listing Advice, Historic England
    • Enriching public engagement: Communication and inclusion in regulatory processes in England
  • Alison McCandlish, Creative Director, Crenellated Arts
    • Communication and social media: Principles, strategies and tools

Communication & Negotiation

  • Quintin Oliver, Stratagem International
    • Heritage and communication across communities: Local and Global


  • Paul Mullan, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, Northern Ireland
    • HLF roles and experience in ‘difficult heritage’
  • Andrew Shepard and Lejla Hadzic
    • Cultural Heritage Without Borders – negotiating international capacity-building through heritage skills


  • Keynote: Jukka Jokilehto
    • Professionals and Communities: Sharing experience, roles and capacity


IHBC Spotlights (Subject to change!)

  • Heritage accreditation updates
  • Local Authority sector research
  • Practice standards progress news

All programme details are subject to change.

For more background see the IHBC NewsBlog

See the Day School Speakers page

See the Venues page for how to get there

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