Jobs for all @ ‘IHBC Jobs etc’: Your new weekly update on employment opportunities totalling more than £150K of annual income! 

Whether you are an applicant looking for career progression or an employer seeking the best applicants for your service – public, charity or commercial – IHBC Jobs etc is the first place to visit, so we’ve started a regular weekly update on what’s happening!

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘This last week’s advertisements feature heritage roles looking for skills in the management of historic places, research, conservation management plans and regeneration, with the National Trust as a key employer.’

‘Don’t forget too that members of IHBC’s HESPR community can get one free advert on our ‘Jobs etc’ service each calendar year, and IHBC members access our email alert service on work opportunities as part of their core benefits.’

The most recent round of jobs posted – till last Thursday – included:

The IHBC Jobs etc service reaches a uniquely diverse heritage network of practitioners and advisers from different specialist backgrounds, including architects, planners, engineers, archaeologists, historians, builders, contractors, academics and many more!

IHBC Jobs etc offers:

  • Special reductions for posts specifying skills in conservation (10%) and heritage (5%)
  • Additional reductions for charities (25%)
  • Even more reductions for bulk sales (just ask!)
  • Free cross-promotion in IHBC’s HESPR ‘Weekly News and tender Alert’, where relevant
  • Weekly IHBC Jobs etc feature on the ever popular IHBC NewsBlogs
  • Circulation data feedback as standard.

IHBC Jobs etc reaches:

  • 1900 specialist interests (IHBC members and non-members) by personal email
  • Feature page, illustration and summary on IHBC Jobs etc own website, with c.34,000 page visits/month
  • IHBC website homepage scroll (c.300,000 page visits/month)
  • IHBC’s social networks (c.16,000 core users; c.25,000 extended links)

See more on working with the National Trust 

See the full list on the IHBC jobs etc service

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Remember: All IHBC members can opt in or out of the email alert service, while anyone with heritage interests is encouraged to sign up, for free.

So that you don’t miss out on your perfect job, even if you are not a member, sign up for the emails alerts

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