IHBC promotes HESPR members direct: Coming soon – free promotional literature on IHBC stands! 

HESPR logoThe IHBC will soon launch a special support service for our HESPR membership – those commercial historic environment practices that formally recognise the IHBC’s standards in conservation – when national IHBC stands offer to carry individual HESPR member’s promotional literature, such as flyers, where the company is clearly branded as a HESPR member.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘This is another important development in our services to support HESPR members.  We are sure this will serve as another attraction – and a special complement to the weekly listing of tender and other work opportunities – for members and prospective members.

‘So we would like to remind all HESPR members to use the new logo where best suits them, including especially on any paperwork they might like to have included in the IHBC’s national stands, such as flyers, and to make sure that the logo is large enough to ensure that the wording is legible.’

‘It’s worth remembering too that national heritage agency policy that recognises HESPR membership as a source for appropriate expertise includes Historic England’s work on ‘Good Practice Advice’.

If you have any queries please let us know.

For more on HESPR see hespr.ihbc.org.uk

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